Company Standards

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The governing criteria for El Massa Company for Real Estate development and Investment:

1. Full compliance with the specifications of the interior finishing (Half Finished) and the external finishing (Fully Finished) for the residential units and the luxurious entrances and facades.

2-Use of the most technological construction methods under the supervision of a group of efficient engineers and technicians.

3. Full commitment to delivery schedules according to the timetable stated and follow-ups could be done by our valued customers through our website.

4. Choosing distinct sites near markets, malls, school districts, medical centers, public gardens and parks

5. Providing wide variety of payment systems to fit all incomes and represented in lowest price for the meter and the longest period of installments without interest.

6. Providing different architectural designs to suit all tastes with sizes sizes starting from 100 m2 (all includes 3 bedrooms, at least)